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* Do you know what a Teardrop attack is?

Suggested article: What is a Teardrop attack and how to protect ourselves?

The Teardrop attack is a kind of Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack in which massive volumes of changed data packets are sent to render a network, server, or computer unreachable. In addition, the attacker sends fragmented packets to the target server, which the server cannot reassemble in some situations due to a TCP/IP weakness, resulting in an overload.

Many businesses use outdated or unsecured operating systems to run legacy applications. Teardrop attacks, which aim to shut down operation applications, threaten such companies.

Can you safeguard yourself against such type of attack? The answer is yes. There are two approaches that are commonly used:

  • Upgrading your Operating System
  • Implementing a Firewall

This DoS attack type can be really dangerous for your website. If you need to learn more about it, look at the following article about the Teardrop attack!